iList + iPer Integration: Real Estate Marketing Automation in Action

coaching ibuyer irep Sep 28, 2021

 iRep automates the process between REALTORS and iBuyers. iList helps automate lead generation. The integration of iRep and iList, allows REALTORS to combine the power of real estate marketing automation with a client-led sales process that gathers leads and makes them actionable.  


What is iList?


iList is a real estate technology tool that's all about seller engagement and real estate marketing automation. It offers a consumer-friendly way of engaging home sellers while capturing data as the seller chooses to engage with the platform.


"Chooses" is a critical word as iList isn't a tool that covertly captures data without permission. It records data from sellers who are engaging with the process.


The seller decides what works best for them, and with multiple strategies presented on your website, they can quickly pivot to any disposition strategy you offer. As they work through the online form, the data is populated to a seller dashboard, and...

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