iList + iPer Integration: Real Estate Marketing Automation in Action

coaching ibuyer irep Sep 28, 2021

 iRep automates the process between REALTORS and iBuyers. iList helps automate lead generation. The integration of iRep and iList, allows REALTORS to combine the power of real estate marketing automation with a client-led sales process that gathers leads and makes them actionable.  


What is iList?


iList is a real estate technology tool that's all about seller engagement and real estate marketing automation. It offers a consumer-friendly way of engaging home sellers while capturing data as the seller chooses to engage with the platform.


"Chooses" is a critical word as iList isn't a tool that covertly captures data without permission. It records data from sellers who are engaging with the process.


The seller decides what works best for them, and with multiple strategies presented on your website, they can quickly pivot to any disposition strategy you offer. As they work through the online form, the data is populated to a seller dashboard, and you are left with a qualified lead. 

iList Leads


iList leads can be seller-generated or system-generated. 


Seller-generated leads can be from homeowners interested in cash offers, traditional listings, or auction-based transactions—the choices they receive are based on what you want to offer. 


System-generated leads are created by iList. iList will populate your system with information about FSBOs, canceled listings, expireds, and preforeclosures (where applicable), if you want. While these leads are something any REALTOR can hunt down on their own, what makes iList valuable is that it automatically brings them in for you.


How Does iList Integrate with iRep?


iRep is a crucial component of iList's strategy. It helps to connect the dots by providing an iBuyer solution for your sellers, ensuring that the leads you've generated don't go stale. 


We've seen an eagerness in the REALTOR community to transact with iBuyers, but when they try to execute for a potential seller, they realize how clumsy the process can be. They wind up on different websites and realize that each has its own rules and limitations. 


iRep removes the hassle. If you have the iList integration built out, you can hit one button and send the iList data (property condition, photos, address, and more) to iRep. You can then hit another button, and iRep's “Donna” tool will gather multiple iBuyer offers for your seller—real estate marketing automation at its finest. 


The Power of Real Estate Marketing Automation


Real Estate Marketing Automation helps you stand out from the competition. It saves you time, adds value to your clients, and increases profits. 




The integration of iList and iRep is a powerful time-saver. In our consumer-driven world, sellers want to be in control. The tools empower sellers to lead the conversation, which benefits you both. 


  •  You decide which options you are going to present to your seller. 
  • iList works as your listing presentation. 
  • The seller stays in the driver’s seat and chooses to share their needs and information. 
  • The seller’s data populates to iList, eliminating the need for manual CRM input. 
  • You can then send the data to iRep.
  • iRep allows you to get instant offers from multiple iBuyers.


The process allows you to replace hours of work with two button clicks. Depending on the path the seller chooses, it's not farfetched to think that your first in-person meeting with your seller might be at the closing table. I've been able to triple agent production in my office using this system. The volume numbers that we can talk about now, we couldn't even think about three years ago.



There's a competitive edge in automation that outshines personal charisma. Larry White, real estate coach, advises REALTORS that, "Their compensation is a direct reflection of how much value they add." I like to ask REALTORS, "What's your superpower?" 


The integration of iRep and iList is your superpower. It's a one-click system that equips you with a value-add. In this day in age, you need more than a reputation and a megawatt smile to be a Top Producer—you need an edge. By presenting all available options to your seller, you win. 



Real Estate marketing automation tools can automate the consumer education process and weed out the tire kickers, allowing you to increase your volume and make more money.


Buyers—and also sellers—are, as they say, "liars," but this is because they don't know what they want. When engaging with iList, the consumer is doing a lot of the heavy lifting and legwork, but they want to do it. While engaging with the technology, they can tell you where they want to go while learning where they want to go. 


The technology isn’t meant to replace REALTORS nor the traditional listing process. The technology provides automation to empower agent success and consumer choice. There is power in automation.