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Welcome to iReal Estate Pro!

We have partnered with several of the nation’s largest institutional investors and want to give you access to billions of dollars in purchase power.

We teach you how to convert a cash offer to a listing with your Seller and are excited to support your accelerated growth with this cash offer division of your business.

-Dan Noma Jr.

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Agent Benefits

• Differentiate yourself from the competition

 • Access to cash partners with $1 billion in buying power

• Proven 2-step appointment process

• No marketing costs when selling to cash buyer

Quick and easy transaction

 Tools, templates, scripts, and resources

• State-by-state marketplace with available selling options

 24/7 virtual property submission assistant

• Monthly strategy, partner, and market update webinars

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Consumer Benefits

• Step-by-step guidance and hands-on resources

• Multiple home sale options

• Close in as little as 2 weeks

• Sell "as is"

• No open houses or renovations

• Transparency through the full transaction

• Confidence and control in choosing the best option

• Satisfaction in differentiated service = more referrals

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This program is for agents who understand that the industry has shifted and wants to continue winning long-term.

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Multiple selling options = more solutions and more opportunities to close a deal!

Thriving Community

Join hundreds of other top Realtors who are winning with the iREP 2-step appointment process. Collaborate, learn, and grow together!

Be Proactive

You recognize the evolution of the industry and are committed to long-term success by equipping yourself with the knowledge and tools to win.


"Absolutely outstanding!! Incredible content and knowledge to keep us at the forefront of our business!"
- Denise
"I know how to be an options broker so that I can give the absolute best of every opportunity to my clients"
- Michelle
"Great information for all real estate professionals"
- Bryan

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