iList + iPer Integration: Real Estate Marketing Automation in Action

coaching ibuyer irep Sep 28, 2021

 iRep automates the process between REALTORS and iBuyers. iList helps automate lead generation. The integration of iRep and iList, allows REALTORS to combine the power of real estate marketing automation with a client-led sales process that gathers leads and makes them actionable.  


What is iList?


iList is a real estate technology tool that's all about seller engagement and real estate marketing automation. It offers a consumer-friendly way of engaging home sellers while capturing data as the seller chooses to engage with the platform.


"Chooses" is a critical word as iList isn't a tool that covertly captures data without permission. It records data from sellers who are engaging with the process.


The seller decides what works best for them, and with multiple strategies presented on your website, they can quickly pivot to any disposition strategy you offer. As they work through the online form, the data is populated to a seller dashboard, and...

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The Future of Real Estate: Option Aggregation

coaching ibuyer Sep 02, 2021

By now, I'm sure you are aware of the many options available for you to use in lieu of a traditional listing. There are iBuyers, institutions, REIT's and many other tech options out there that agents are aggregating and presenting as possible options to their clients—or at least the smart ones are.


Top Agents Deliver Options


The best of the best in the country today have all shifted their model to provide customers with a more transparent side-by-side comparison of their options upfront, before the customer commits to selling. Likewise, as buyers and sellers demand transparency, agents are shifting their strategies.


The reality is that iBuyers are better marketers than we REALTORs, and they have more money. They are using this advantage to speak to our clients about their unique value proposition. If we want to remain credible, we can't hide from this discussion anymore. The best agents in the U.S. have identified that their clients are now looking at...

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How to Sell a Tenant-Occupied Property

coaching Aug 26, 2021

Selling a tenant-occupied property presents a host of challenges for you and your seller. Unless you have experience working with such properties, you will more than likely run into issues you didn't think were possible. If you are prepared, you can lay the foundation for a smooth selling process by educating your seller and arming yourself with the tools needed to sell a rental property.


How Can REALTORS Sell a Tenant-Occupied Home?


When trying to sell a tenant-occupied home, REALTORS must accept that they have two clients: the seller and the tenant. While your fiduciary responsibility lies with the seller, the tenant is a vital part of the equation. It's your job to educate your seller on how to make the process run smoothly, including how and what to communicate with their tenant.


The first step for any agent should be to advise the seller to seek legal counsel if needed. An attorney can help them review their rental contract and any clauses that are specific...

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A Review of Opendoor’s Agent Access Program

coaching ibuyer opendoor Jul 29, 2021


Opendoor’s recently launched Agent Access program aims to help you feather your nest.


Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Will Holmes, the General Manager of Opendoor’s Agent Growth, to discuss their newest REALTOR-focused program and the purpose behind it. 


What Is Opendoor Agent Access?

Opendoor Agent Access is a reward program for agents across the country. With REALTOR and consumer confidence growing in iBuyers, the program aims to capitalize on the momentum by incentivizing and educating willing real estate agents. 

How Does Opendoor’s Commission Structure Work?


Opendoor’s commission structure has evolved over the years. Their newest program offers the most lucrative commission structure of any iBuyer. 


Prior to the launch of Agent Access, real estate agents were welcome to negotiate commissions paid directly by their clients. They also received a 1% commission paid by Opendoor.



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