What Opendoor's Success Means for Real Estate Agents

ibuyer opendoor Aug 12, 2021


Real estate is important to me. I manage 250 agents and a community of iBuyer certified REALTORS. The iRep community was built knowing that there is no playbook for the disruption we’re experiencing. It was created to help educate agents on bridging the gap between real estate and technology so that their clients don’t have to choose between using a company like Opendoor and an agent.


Opendoor Has Reached 100,000 Transactions


During a conversation with Will Holmes, General Manager of Opendoor's Partner program, we discussed that Opendoor has now transacted with 100,000 customers. That's a milestone for any agency, but especially for one as new as Opendoor. 


Opendoor’s success shows a shift in consumer and agent perception and has us asking, “What does the shift mean for agents?” I believe there are five takeaways for our agent community to consider. 

1. iBuyers Are Here To Stay


If the monumental growth...

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A Review of Opendoor’s Agent Access Program

coaching ibuyer opendoor Jul 29, 2021


Opendoor’s recently launched Agent Access program aims to help you feather your nest.


Last week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Will Holmes, the General Manager of Opendoor’s Agent Growth, to discuss their newest REALTOR-focused program and the purpose behind it. 


What Is Opendoor Agent Access?

Opendoor Agent Access is a reward program for agents across the country. With REALTOR and consumer confidence growing in iBuyers, the program aims to capitalize on the momentum by incentivizing and educating willing real estate agents. 

How Does Opendoor’s Commission Structure Work?


Opendoor’s commission structure has evolved over the years. Their newest program offers the most lucrative commission structure of any iBuyer. 


Prior to the launch of Agent Access, real estate agents were welcome to negotiate commissions paid directly by their clients. They also received a 1% commission paid by Opendoor.



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